Immediate Need

What To Expect

At Sanders Funeral Home you’ll find caring, professional people dedicated to providing refined and unequaled service. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff understands the importance of a caring and compassionate service for your family in this time of great need.

We welcome families to share personal touches to enhance the meaning and significance of the funeral service. Our staff always respects the family’s wishes and finds the best ways to incorporate family contributions into the funeral service. This ensures a truly meaningful remembrance of your loved one.

Sanders Funeral Home and Cremation Services Inc. knows, during this time, you need someone with experience and understanding. We serve with compassion and honor your loved one’s memory with dignity while also considering your particular financial circumstances. We always strive to support your family during this difficult time. Our dedication to this philosophy is why families come to us over many generations.



What You’ll Need

The following is a list of items and information that will be needed to complete the necessary paperwork (i.e. Death Certificate, Obituary):

  • Social Security Card/Number*
  • Date and state of birth*
  • Father’s full name* and place of birth (state)
  • Mother’s full maiden name* and place of birth (state)
  • Military Discharge documents (DD-214), if applicable
  • Life insurance policies, if applicable

*Please note that these items are required by the State of Pennsylvania to complete the Death Certificate.



Questions You May Have

If your loved one has not yet specified any arrangements or preferences beforehand, there are some initial questions you will likely need to answer when you consult with your funeral home:

  • Should I choose to embalm?
  • Do I need to purchase a casket?
  • Will I care for my loved one's physical remains through burial or cremation?
  • What sort of funeral or memorial service should I plan?
  • Are there any religious traditions or customs I need to plan for?
  • Should I engage the services of a clergy member or spiritual leader?

These questions are just a starting point, and you don't need to know the answers right away. Start thinking about your decisions, and contact us to gain a better understanding of your options and discuss what might be the most appropriate solution for your situation. We're here to make the process easier for you, and we can start by making sure that you have all of the right information and guidance you'll need.



What To Consider

The following is a list of items and information that you’ll want to start thinking about to plan your loved one’s service:

  • Scheduling the services and events (including the location, date, and time)
  • Selecting the casket, urn, or other products you may need
  • Drafting an obituary
  • Arranging the necessary transportation
  • Selecting pallbearers
  • Photograph of your loved one for printed and online obituaries
  • Additional photographs for memorial folders and/or video tributes
  • Clothing – everything your loved one would normally wear, including underclothing and socks. Shoes are optional. Items with long sleeves and high necklines are preferred.
  • Jewelry or other personal items to be with your loved one
  • Name of family clergy and place of worship (please include phone numbers)

If you have any questions concerning the arrangement conference or the information or items needed, please contact our staff at (610) 372-1624.

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